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Athletics Nunawading Inc.     Club code: ANW      Affiliated with Athletics Victoria
Updated     18 February 2019

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About our records

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Additional Comments supporting claim including Relay distance(s), Wind Reading if applicable, and event results web address if available

Submit your claim > Committee reviews > if accepted, Committee requests web update > check your claim

Our club records go as far back as we know and include records from our merged entities. They are as accurate as we know and may be corrected with future claims. The Committee will determine when we believe that they are stable and formally approved.

If you believe you have bettered one of these, please submit the information via the form, including where we can substantiate your claim. The information will be automatically sent via email to the Committee for consideration.

- For Juniors, we will cascade your record to older age groups if applicable.

Events to be considered should be where you represented ANW, competed in the ANW uniform, in an AV / AA sanctioned competition whilst you were/ are a member of ANW. Electronic timing takes precedence where possible. Age Group records are based on your age on the day not the Competition Age Group.

We aim to keep track of previous record holders where possible so our history of records is not lost.

If you held a record that has been broken but not listed, please let us know.

Thank you to Ken Cleaver for maintaining our Women’s Club Records, including those of the Nunawading Women’s Amateur Athletics Club, founded in 1965, and now merged into Athletics Nunawading.

Thank you to Steve Vernal for maintaining our Men’s Club Records, including those of the Nunawading Amateur Athletics Club (now merged into Athletics Nunawading), and to Scott Bowden for finding the Mens Records to 2003.

Recent Updates: - there may be other pending Mens records.…

but if you have bettered a Mens or Womens listed record, please let us know!
Note: Our committee has decided that for Mens U20, records will only be awarded
if the claim betters the old record, adjusted for implement weight.
Previously, Mens U20 was not a recognised Age Group and was incorporated into
the Mens Open events, so we didn’t have many U20 records.
The Committee agreed that, for throwing events, when athletes threw a lesser
distance with a lighter implement that we would not recognize this as a record.

* If you think you have missed out, then please submit your claim as soon as possible!

Ratified Records - March 2017
Brooke Stratton: Open Lomg Jump at the 2016 Perth Track Classic - Australian Record
Natalie Laurie: Open Javelin at AV Shield Doncaster 2015
Hana Basic, Natalie Laurie, Ally Bramer, Brooke Stratton: Open 4x200m Relayat AV Shield at Nunawading 2015
David Brock: Open Combined Events at the Aus Champs 2015
Zoe Brito-Babapulle: U16-U19 800m at the 2015 Aus Junior Champs in Sydney
Zoe Brito–Babapulle: U17-U20 800m at the 2016 Aus Junior Championship in Perth
Zoe Brito-Babapulle: U16-Open 400m at the 2015 Aus Junior Champs
Kyle Swan: U20-Open 10km Road Walk at the AA 50km Championships - World Junior Qualifier
Kyle Swan: U16-U20 5,000m Walk at the 2015 Vic Junior Champs
Chloe Beovich: U15 Shot Put at AV Knockout in 2015
Chloe Beovich: U16 Shot Put at the Aus Junior Championships in Perth
Chloe Beovich: U15-U18 Hammer at AV Shield Nunawading in 2015
Jakeb Pearson: U16-U17 400m at the 2017 Aus Junior Championship in Sydney
Jakeb Pearson: U16 200mH at the 2017 Aus Junior Championship in Sydney

Ratified Records - September 2015:
Zoe Britto-Babapulle: U15-U18 400m at the 2014 Australian Junior Championships in Sydney
Zoe Britto-Babapulle: U15-U18 800m at the 2014 Australian Junior Championships in Sydney
Zoe Britto-Babapulle: U15-U17 1500m at the 2014 Zatopek at Albert Park
Bradley Bishop: U16 High Jump at the AV Knockout Rd1 at Albert Park
Bradley Bishop: U16-U17 High Jump at the 2015 Australian Junior Championships in Sydney
Chloe Beovich: U14-U15 Shot Put at the 2015 AV Country Championships in Bendigo
Chloe Beovich: U14-U18 Hammer at the 2015 AV Country Championships in Bendigo
Chloe Beovich: U15 Shot Put at the 2015 Australian Junior Championships in Sydney
Chloe Beovich: U15-U18 Hammer at the 2015 Australian Junior Championships in Sydney
Kyle Swan: U15-U19 3000m Walk at the 2014 Victorian Junior Championships at Albert Park
Kyle Swan: U16-U20 5000m Walk at the 2015 Victorian Junior Championships at Albert Park - Victorian Record!
Kyle Swan: U16-U17 2000m Walk at the 2015 AV Shield Final at Albert Park

Ratified Records at the Committee Meeting 7 April 2014:
Brooke Stratton: Open Womens Long Jump and a Commonwealth Games ‘A’ Qualifier
Chloe Beovich: U14 - U18 hammer
Hana Basic: Womens U19, U20 and Open 100m and a World Junior Qualifier
David Brock: Mens U20 400m, Open Decathlon

Ratified Records at the Committee Meeting 28th January 2014:
Glen Vernal – U16 300m hurdles – 51.56s
Jamie S 200m – 21.40; 400m – 47.86s
Chloe Beovitch – U15/U14 Shotput – 9.31m
David Brock – Open/U20 400m hurdles – 57.73s
Bradley Bishop – U15 High jump – 1.75m
Open Medley – 3m 24.49s; probably all other medley times for other age-groups and divisions
may be records as well.

1 December 2013 - HVC at Albert Park
With the wind blowing in his face, Jamie Stratton smashes his own club record in the Long Jump!

16 November 2013 - and still they keep coming!
Jamie Stratton smashes is 400m Mens Open record

2 November 2013: What a day for records!
New records:
Medley Relay: in Men’s Open, U20 and U16; Womens Open and U18
U16 300m Hurdles: Glen Vernal sets the record.
Existing records broken:
Mens Open 200m - again by Jamie Stratton
Mens Open and U20 400m Hurdles by David Brock
Mens U15 High Jump: new member Brad Bishop sets a new height
Womens U14&U15 Shot Put: Chloe Beovich breaks her records set At the Aust Junior Champs

19 October 2013: AV Shield Round 1 - a big day for top performances
Darci Hughes takes out a very old records for U19 and U20 400m from 1985! He still has the whole season to go to get more Pbs!
Kyle Swan sets the record for the 2000mWalk. We had some good walkers a long time ago but no records set for U15 and 2000mWalk.
Jamie Stratton smashes our long standing 100m Mens Open record held concurrently by 3 runners fro 1978 and 1994 but with no wind indicator (NWI) provided by White Zone, our Committee decided that the record could not be ratified.

4 August 2013: AV U16 5km Road Walk Championship at Middle Park
Kyle Swan smashes his PB to take Gold and the State Title

19 July 2013: updates for David Brock’s records
Just a few! And probably more to come...

12 April 2013: Australian Championships: Sydney
David Brock breaks our Decathlon record (without getting points in the 400m!)

6 April 2013: Melbourne Track Classic: Albert Park
Brooke Stratton equals the long standing Womens Open and U20 Long Jump record held by Peta Kennedy in 1992.

12-17 March 2013: Australian Junior Championships: Perth
Hana Basic breaks our U18 and U19 200m record in winning the U18 Australian Junior title. The previous record was set way back in 1990 by Peta Kennedy.
Chloe Beovich takes our U14, U15, U16 and U17 3kg Hammer record with 27.28m and our U14/U15 Shot Put at the Australian Junior.

3 March 2013: Victorian Open Championships: Albert Park
Jamie Stratton takes Gold with a huge 7.41m in Long Jump. His sister Brooke keeps Gold in the family in Long Jump but not with a club record.

13 February 2013: Australian Junior Championships: Perth
David Brock soars to 2.06m to takes Bronze

19 January 2013: AV Shield Round 11 at Nunawading
Jamie Stratton jumps 7.22m to be best for the Round at the refurbished BSAT track. If there were BSAT records his jump might have taken that record too.
Brad Simpson takes 10s off our U20 and Open 2000m Walk

15 December 2012: AV Shield: Box Hill
Jamie Stratton breaks the 400m record set on the 4th of February this year by Adrian McLean. Jamie’s run of 49.50s just eclipsed Adrian’s time. A scintillating run!

6 December 2012: AV Shield Albert Park
Kristy Stratton fires up in the cool of the evening to add almost 2 metres to her records, moving the U18, U19 Hammer out to 27.35m.

25 November 2012: Victorian Relay Championships
What a day for Grazia-Inez Gallucci, Katarina Moesbergen, Brittany Burkitt, and Hana Basic!!! They took out the U18 Championship and the U18 and U19 State Records with 48.16s!
Along the way the broke our club records in the heats (easing down says Wayne the coach) and in the Final the smashed our U18, U19, U20 of 49.3s and Womens Open record or 48.3s.

24 November 2012: AV Shield Ringwood
In 34 degree heat, Kristy Stratton pushed her own record out to 25.55m in the U18 and U19 3kg Hammer.
Not to be outdone, brother Jamie took out the long standing Mens Open 200m with another scintillating run.

3 November 2012: AV Shield Doncaster
Kristy Stratton takes over the U18 and U19 3kg Hammer with 25.26m.

The Medley Relays are being checked but these may be new events so new records for everyone to chase!

20 October 2012: AV Shield, Doncaster
Brooke Stratton smashes our old 1986 Triple Jump record of 11.43m held by another World Junior Athlete Peta Kennedy.
At Doncaster on a beautifully warm day, Brooke jumped a huge 11.92m to find her way into our records.

13 October 2012: AV Shield, Box Hill
Kristy Stratton updates the new 500g Under 18 Javelin record with 29.88m.

12 November 2012: AV Shield
Melissa Webb takes the new U15 - U18 500g Javelin records. The new records are the result of AV changing the implement weight for Javelin to 500g from 600g.

10 June 2012: RWA Canberra Carnival
Regan Lamble smashed the Women’s Race Record held by Kerry Saxby-Junta by 9 minutes to win in 2h32m17s, putting her at #24 in the all time fastest times.

1 April 2012: Australian Junior U20 Combined Events
David Brock obtained a World Junior Qualifier of 7180 points in the Australian Combined Events U20 Championship in Sydney. Along the way he also broke the U20 and Men’s Open Pole Vault records with a vault of 4.30m.

4 February 2012: AV Shield
Adrian McLean broke our Mens Open 400m record of 49.75s held by Norm Marshall way back in 1987. His time in Round 12 of the AV Shield was 49.60s. Coach John Murray was chuffed.

11 February 2012: Victorian Junior U20 Combined Events
David Brock broke a few. He also broke some during the AV Shield season. Steve’s updated list coming soon.

See below for recent updates and outstanding claims to the records.
If you have a query, please email and a Committee member will get in touch with you.
Initial load of Mens records is up to 2003 plus known recent claims. Womens records complete. We’ve updated where known but expect more to come. Let us know if you want to claim.

About our Club records                                                     Club Record amendment request             


Outstanding Claims

The following record claims have been submitted by Athletes. The records are to be reviewed by the ANW Committee and once ratified will update the club Records.

13/12/2015: David Brock: Mens Open: Pole Vault: 4.70m in Korea - competition info to be confirmed

4/12/2018: Rebekah Powierski: AV Shield Round 2 on 13/10/2018 at BSAT: U18 2000m Steeple: 8m28.1s

18/2/2019: Jakeb Pearson

Claims as follows:

U16 - 400m 50.91(2017 nationals, approx date 31.3.17)

U17- 400m 50.24 (2018 nationals, approx date 15.3.18 )

200 hurdles 27.38 (2017 nationals)

U18- 400m 50.11 (hvc meet 2, 18.1.19)

400m hurdles 56.30 (hvc meet 3, 16.2.19)

I also notice that the u16 4 x 400 record set in 2017 by jakeb, sami lutui, harry broadbent and the twins(james and angus) has not be updated, along with the 4 x 100 u18 which was jakeb, sami l, ryan hatch and ? Has not been updated. (Dave sommers will have all this info)

I believe jakes times in 400m also set u19 and u20 records, but understand that there may be other pending claims...

Thanks heaps


When you submit this form you will then be asked to enter a security word (a process called ‘captcha’). Once you have entered the captcha word, your information will be sent to our Committee. We will acknowledge your submission but please be patient whilst we work to confirm it. If you have a problem with submitting this Form, please contact us via the Email Contact above and let us know or if your Record Claim doesn’t appear below waiting for ratification in a few days, please contact the Club Committee.