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Updated 23 November

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News and Competitions:

2022 HVC meet #1                                               Doncaster      22 Nov
200m: Jake Frost 25.65 (+0.0); Max Wright 25.79 (+0.0);
400m: Jordan Gilbert 49.29; Max Wright 59.42;
M76.2H 90m Hurdles: Max Wright 14.04 (0.5);
M84.0H 100m Hurdles: Jake Frost 14.73 (0.8);

2022 Aus Winter Walks Championships           Middle Park    11 September
10km Road Walk:
Carolyn Rosenbrock 11th in 1h02m00s and also 5th in the Masters Championship

2022 AV 20km Road Walk Championship          Middle Park   21 August
Carolyn Rosenbrock takes Silver in the Championship with 2hr5m25s
Along with the Silver, she also took Gold in the Masters Championship (W60-64)

2022 Commonwealth Games                Birmingham   August
Brooke Buschkuehl takes her second Commonwealth Games Long Jump Silver medal with a massive leap of 6.95m (+0.5).

Kyle Swan takes 6th 10,000m Race Walk in the Commonwealth Games in 40m49.79s

2022 World Athletics Championship - Oregon  July
Kyle Swan - 20km Race Walk
               - 33rd in 1h28m43s

Brooke Buschkuehl - Long Jump
Brooke takes 5th with 6.87m just 2cm short of a podium finish! Her performance is the highest placce that an Aus female at a World Championships.

2022 Chula Vista, USA       10 July
Brooke Buschkuehl  breaks the Australian Long Jump record!
Huge leap of 7.13m to break her previous Aus Record of 7.05m and is the World leading distance this year!

AV Officials Awards 2021-22
The Victorian Officials Function offers the opportunity to celebrate and congratulate the time and effort Officials make in ensuring the success of athletics.
Congratulations to:
Carolyn Rosenbrock: - 40 years & AA Platinum
Terry Swan - 15  years

2022 AV 15km Championship               Middle Park    26 June
Open Men:           Kyle Swan   1st   60m51s
Open Women:      Carolyn Rosenbrock  6th 94m02s
Both fields very strong with Olympians and other International competitors.

2022 AV Target Talent (AVTTP)
AV has selected some of our athletes in the squad. (Hopefully none missed!)
AVTTP is Athletics Australia’s initial Talent Development strand of their High-Performance Strategy and is delivered in partnership with Athletics Victoria (AV), Athletics Australia (AA) and the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS).

Horizontal Jumps: Joshua Young (coached by Russell Stratton)
Sprints: Jordan Gilbert (Michael Gilbert), Liam Kernick (Adam McCann)
Hurdles: Gemma Leung ((David Thomson)
Pole Vault: Aranya Machanayake (Chris Bradshaw)
Throws: Elise Keeghan (Kim Mulhall)

2022 World University Games              Chengdu, China in June
Whilst this event has been postponed due to safety concerns, Kyle Swan was selected for the 20km Walk.

2022 Oceania Championships                      7 - 11 June     Mackay   
Aranya Manchanayake: U18 Pole Vault : 4th with 3.30m
Kyle Swan selected for the 5000m and 10,000m Walk
Brooke Stratton (now Brooke Buschkuehl) selected for Long Jump

2022 La Coruna      Spain    28 May
Kyle Swan competed in Spain in 20km Gran Premio Internacional de Marcha Cantones de A Coruna in Spain.
47th in a very strong field in 1h26m46s

2022 Madrid Marcha     Barcelona  16 May     10km Race Walk
Kyle Swan finishes 18th with a strong performance and big 52s PB to finish in 40m52s. A top 20 finish in and Invite Only event!.
Now its on to the 20km at La Coruna (Spain) on May 28

AV Masters 50+ 10km Walk Championship    1 May          Ballarat
Carolyn Rosenbrock           10kn Road Walk       1st  61m49s

2022 Australian Championships                      26 March - 2 April               Sydney
Open Men
Kyle Swan                     10,000m Race Walk Final    39:55.17 1st   (2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games Qualifier)
Nathan Deslandes            Long Jump Final           6.79m 20th
Ryan Hatch                     Long Jump Final           6.77m 21st
Nic Shen                        200m Round 1             21.98 37th

Under 20 Men
Melvin Subramaniam          400m Hurdles Round 1  58.57 13th
Josh Young                     Long Jump Final        17th

Under 17 Men
Jordan Gilbert                  400m Round 1            50.63 7th
Jordan Gilbert                  400m Final                50.15 4th
Jordan Gilbert                  200m Round 1            22.83 9th

Under 16 Men
Lachie McGowan              Hammer                     50.99m  5th
Jake Olarenshaw              400m Round 1            52.69 10th
Josh Carlin                      3000m Timed Finals      9:22.17 17th
Jake Oralenshaw              800m Round 1             2:08.44 23rd

Under 15 Men
Johannes Thokchom         100m Round 1            11.99 12th  
Cooper Bertram               100m Hurdles Round 1  15.03 10th
Jake Frost                      100m Hurdles Round 1  15.23 13th
Johannes Thokchom         Shot Put Final             11.38m 10th
Cooper Bertram               Pole Vault Final           3.00m 2nd    
Andrew Weerasinghe        Pole Vault Final           2.50m 4th
Johannes Thokchom         Discus Final                34.39m 23rd
Josiah Stanford                Long Jump Final          5.84m 9th
Jake Frost                      200m Hurdles Round 1  29.53 11th

Under 14 Men
Oscar Wright                   400m Round 1            56.31 3rd
Zac Mellech                    1500m Timed Finals     4:41.62 20th
Oscar Wright                   1500m Timed Finals     4:27.61 5th
Oscar Wright                   400m Final                 56.37 5th
Zac Mellech                     800m Round 1           17.62 18th
Oscar Wright                   800m Round 1            2:09.00 2nd
Oscar Wright                   800m Final                 2:07.56 2nd

Open Women
Claire Samanna               10,000m Race Walk Final   1:00:42.91 9th

Under 18 Women
Aranya Manchanayake      Pole Vault Final           3.30m 3rd
Aranya Manchanayake      Long Jump Final           5.12m 13th
Elise Keeghan                  Shot Put Final             12.86m 8th
Elise Keeghan                  Discus Final                40.46m 7th
Kyla Chapman                 400m Hurdles Round 1   75.28 19th

Under 17 Women
Sophie Johnstone (QLD)    400m Hurdles Round 1  75.21 14th

Under 16 Women
Gemma Leung                 90m Hurdles Round 1     13.25 4th
Gemma Leung                 90m Hurdles Final         13.28 4th
Gemma Leung                 200m Hurdles Round 1  29.89 3rd
Gemma Leung                  200m Hurdles Final      29.32 3rd

Under 15 Women
Chloe Johnstone (QLD)    400m Round 1        61.30 14th
Alyssa Chapman             High Jump Final      1.45m 11th
Chloe Johnstone (QLD)    800m Round 1        2:20.66 11th

Under 14 Women
Maddie Tarabay             400m Round 1         60.89 2nd
Maddie Tarabay             Shot Put Final         11.98m 3rd
Maddie Tarabay             400m Final             59.15 3rd
Maddie Tarabay             Javelin Final            35.65m 3rd
Maddie Tarabay             Discus Final            30.67m 9th

2022 Rare Air VIII       Melbourne Uni             23 March
Pole Vault: Aranya Manchanayake 3.35m;
Pole Vault: Cooper Bertram 2.90m;

2022 Victorian Masters Championships                 19-20 March       Lakeside
Hammer: Andrew May 43.86m (1st);
60m: Jessica Dux 08.97 (-1.3) (1st);
100m: Jessica Dux 14.29 (0.3) (1st);
200m: Jessica Dux 30.45 (-0.8) (1st);
Discus: Jessica Dux 21.27m (1st);
Javelin: Jessica Dux 21.05m (1st);
Shot Put: Jessica Dux 8.47m (1st);
1500m Walk: Carolyn Rosenbrock 8:29.43 (2nd);
3000m Walk: Carolyn Rosenbrock 17:41.96 (1st)

2022 HVC5                             Lakeside               Mar 17
100m: Milan Keogh 13.32 (-0.7);
200m: Gemma Leung 27.17 (1.4); Milan Keogh 27.44 (0.3);
200m Hurdles: Alyssa Chapman 32.12 (-0.1);
High Jump: Alyssa Chapman 1.45m;
Long Jump: Aranya Manchanayake 5.44m (-0.5);

100m: Nic Shen 10.80 (-0.1); Flynn Cocking 11.51 (0.5); Sachintha Senarath 11.58 (1.0); Joshua Young 11.64 (-0.7); Sami Lutui 11.92 (-0.7); Johannes Thokchom 12.18 (1.0);
200m: Nic Shen 21.70 (-0.3); Flynn Cocking 23.25 (-0.2); Sachintha Senarath 23.85 (0.7); Sami Lutui 24.29 (-1.0);
200m Hurdles: Jake Frost 29.63 (0.7);
400m Hurdles: Melvin Subramaniam 59.97;
Long Jump: Ryan Hatch 6.85m (-0.1); Nathan Deslandes 6.79m (+0.0); Joshua Young FOUL;

2022 HVC4                             Geelong                Mar 12
100m: Gemma Leung 13.00 (2.3);
400m: Nicole Pennings 59.31; Kyla Chapman DNS;
90m Hurdles: Gemma Leung 13.67 (1.0);
100m: Corey Robinson 11.46 (0.5); Sami Lutui 11.68 (1.3);
400m: Corey Robinson 50.47; Sami Lutui 53.29;

2022 AVT9                             Geelong                 Mar 12
Discus: Elise Keeghan 39.69m;
Shot Put: Elise Keeghan 12.23m

2022 VMC5                            Murrumbeena      Mar 10
800m: Oscar Wright 2:11.06

2022 World Race Walking Team Championship        Muscat
Aus Team 20km Walk:  4th
Kyle Swan  1h30m33s

2022 AVSL Playoffs             Lakeside   Feb  4-5
200m: Nicole Pennings 26.78;
Shot Put: Nicole Pennings 8.84m;
Shot Put: Elise Keeghan 12.58m;
200m: Gemma Leung 27.43 (0.6);
200m Hurdles: Gemma Leung 30.03;
200m: Milan Keogh 27.33 (1.0);
High Jump: David Brock 1.80m;
Shot Put: David Brock 12.83m;
200m: Flynn Cocking 22.87 (1.8);
3000m: Joshua Carlin 9:19.2h;
200m: Cooper Bertram 25.63 (-0.1);
High Jump: Cooper Bertram 1.55m;

2022 Vic Championships    Lakeside  Feb      Week 2
Discus: Elise Keeghan 38.78m (4th);
Pole Vault: Hannah Hodges 3.00m (9th);
Pole Vault: Hannah Hodges 3.05m (6th);
200m: Aranya Manchanayake 27.86 (-3.5) (4th); 27.73 (-2.1) (P);
800m: Kyla Chapman 2:37.48 (P);
400m Hurdles: Kyla Chapman 77.56 (4th);
Discus: Elise Keeghan 39.84m (1st);
Javelin: Elise Keeghan 30.61m (5th);
Long Jump: Aranya Manchanayake 5.50m (1.5) (6th);
Pole Vault: Aranya Manchanayake 3.20m (1st);
200m Hurdles: Gemma Leung 29.68 (-1.5) (1st);
200m: Milan Keogh 27.69 (-3.2) (P); Alyssa Chapman 27.71 (-3.6) (P); Shri Nidhi Bolisetty 30.27 (-3.6) (P);
Long Jump: Alyssa Chapman 4.85m (-1.0) (6th); Milan Keogh 4.55m (+0.0) (11th);
200m: Maddie Tarabay 28.36 (-3.0) (4th); 28.25 (-2.1) (P);
Discus: Maddie Tarabay 29.75m (1st);
Javelin: Maddie Tarabay 35.25m (1st);
200m: Nic Shen 21.87 (-2.6) (2nd); 22.00 (-1.3) (S); 22.11 (-0.2) (P); Corey Robinson 23.34 (+0.0) (P); Sachintha Senarath 24.45 (-0.9) (P); Sami Lutui 24.67 (+0.0) (P); Zachary Wilmot 23.34 (-1.4) (P);
800m: Joel Donnar DNF; 1:56.48 (P); Alan Vernal 2:09.98 (P);
400m Hurdles: Corey Robinson 56.81 (8th);
5000m Walk: Kyle Swan 19:47.50 (4th);
Javelin: David Brock 55.10m (4th); Nathan Deslandes 49.75m (5th);
Long Jump: Ryan Hatch 7.29m (2.1) (3rd); Nathan Deslandes 7.13m (2.9) (5th); Joshua Young 6.56m (2.3) (12th); Sami Lutui 6.34m (4.4) (13th);
400m Hurdles: Melvin Subramaniam 58.96 (5th);
Long Jump: Joshua Young 6.97m (+0.0) (2nd);
200m: Flynn Cocking 23.37 (-1.9) (S); 22.87 (0.7) (P); Kai Nielsen 23.87 (-3.1) (S); 23.77 (-0.4) (P);
Long Jump: Henry Zhu DNS;
200m: Jordan Gilbert 23.88 (-3.8) (5th); 23.37 (-0.5) (P);
800m: Jake Olarenshaw 2:03.06 (6th); 2:04.64 (P); Joshua Carlin 2:10.97 (P);
3000m: Joshua Carlin 9:34.46 (5th);
200m: Johannes Thokchom 25.13 (-3.7) (5th); 25.36 (-2.3) (P); Jake Frost 27.87 (-2.3) (P);
200m Hurdles: Jake Frost 29.94 (-2.1) (3rd);
Discus: Johannes Thokchom 37.44m (2nd);
Javelin: Jake Frost 20.09m (7th); Johannes Thokchom FOUL;
Long Jump: Josiah Stanford 5.75m (1.9) (2nd);
Pole Vault: Cooper Bertram 2.80m (2nd); Andrew Weerasinghe 2.70m (3rd);
800m: Oscar Wright 2:12.39 (1st); 2:20.19 (P); Zac Mellech 2:18.90 (2nd); 2:19.94 (P);

2022 Vic Championships    Lakeside  Feb      Week 1
400m: Nicole Pennings 59.14 (P);
400m: Kyla Chapman 62.93 (4th);
Shot Put: Elise Keeghan 13.14m (1st);
Triple Jump: Aranya Manchanayake 10.75m (1.3) (6th);
90m Hurdles: Gemma Leung 13.70 (+0.0) (3rd);
100m: Milan Keogh 13.26 (0.6) (7th); 13.17 (-1.6) (P); Shri Nidhi Bolisetty 13.87 (-1.0) (P);
400m: Alyssa Chapman 62.90 (4th);
High Jump: Alyssa Chapman 1.45m (3rd);
Shot Put: Milan Keogh 9.57m (4th);
400m: Maddie Tarabay 59.66 (1st); 62.01 (P);
High Jump: Maddie Tarabay 1.45m (2nd);
Shot Put: Maddie Tarabay 11.67m (1st);
100m: Nic Shen 11.40 (-0.8) (8th); 10.85 (0.3) (S); 11.10 (-1.5) (P); Sachintha Senarath 11.77 (-1.5) (P); Sami Lutui 11.96 (0.6) (P);
400m: Corey Robinson 51.00 (P); Sami Lutui 54.26 (P);
1500m: Alan Vernal 4:21.07 (P);
110m Hurdles: David Brock 15.95 (-2.2) (3rd);
Shot Put: David Brock 13.61m (4th);
400m: Melvin Subramaniam 52.55 (P);
100m: Flynn Cocking 11.40 (-1.0) (6th); 11.35 (-0.8) (S); 11.41 (-1.0) (P); Henry Zhu 11.84 (-0.8) (S); 11.91 (1.3) (P); Brian Santoso 12.20 (-1.0) (P);
400m: Jordan Gilbert 49.83 (1st); 51.94 (P);
High Jump: Aaron Hicks 1.75m (6th);
400m: Jake Olarenshaw 53.11 (6th);
1500m: Joshua Carlin 4:24.73 (7th);
2000m Steeple: Joshua Carlin 7:10.35 (6th);
Hammer: Lachlan McGowan 49.86m (2nd);
100m: Johannes Thokchom 11.86 (-0.4) (4th); 11.87 (-0.3) (P); Andrew Weerasinghe 13.12 (-1.1) (P); Jake Frost 13.16 (-0.3) (P);
100m Hurdles: Jake Frost 15.37 (-1.4) (2nd); Cooper Bertram 15.66 (-1.4) (4th);
High Jump: Cooper Bertram 1.55m (5th);
Shot Put: Johannes Thokchom 11.29m (1st); Cooper Bertram 10.57m (2nd);
Triple Jump: Jake Frost 10.20m (0.1) (5th);
400m: Oscar Wright 56.56 (3rd); Zac Mellech 60.62 (6th);
1500m: Oscar Wright 4:36.52 (1st); Zac Mellech 4:42.94 (3rd);

2022 Rare Air V                                                               Melb Uni      17/2/2022
Pole Vault: Aranya Manchanayake 3.30m; Hannah Hodges 3.15m; Ashlinn Walker NM;
Pole Vault: Cooper Bertram 2.60m;

2022 Aus Race Walking Championships                    Adelaide     13/2/2022
Open 20km Road Walk:      2nd: Kyle Swan     1h21m39s            
that’s two Silvers and a Bronze in the last 3 Aus Championships!

Kyle’s performance has resulted in him being selected for the World Teams Championships 20km Walk in Oman (March).

He has also qualified for the World Championships in Oregon (July)

2022 HVC3            Lakeside            10/2/2022
100m: Milan Keogh 13.71 (-0.5);
200m: Milan Keogh 28.01 (0.5);
200m Hurdles: Gemma Leung 30.68 (-0.5);
400m Hurdles: Kyla Chapman DNS;
Long Jump: Aranya Manchanayake 5.46m (+0.0);
100m: Nic Shen 10.82 (1.1); Jordan Gilbert 11.46 (-0.4); Joshua Young 11.53 (3.3); Sachintha Senarath 11.67 (3.3); Johannes Thokchom 11.73 (3.3); Sam Tassone 12.57 (0.1); Sami Lutui DNS;
200m: Nic Shen 21.65 (1.1); Jordan Gilbert 23.16 (-2.0); Johannes Thokchom 25.41 (1.4); Sam Tassone 25.85 (1.4); Oscar Wright 26.88 (0.3); Sami Lutui DNS;
200m Hurdles: Jake Frost 30.17 (0.3);
400m Hurdles: Melvin Subramaniam 58.84;
Long Jump: Joshua Young 6.77m;

2022 VMC4            Lakeside            8/2/2022
800m: Joshua Carlin 2:07.60;
800m: Oscar Wright 2:09.27;   Club records claimed: U13/14/15M
Mile: Alan Vernal 4:44.15

2022 AVT 7            Lakeside            8/2/2022
Javelin: Elise Keeghan 33.80m

2022 AVT6             Sandringham   6/2/2022
Discus: Elise Keeghan 37.97m

2022 Vic Country Championships
         Bendigo Jan 28-30
400m: Kyla Chapman 65.88 (10th); 400mH: Kyla Chapman 77.77 (8th);
100m: Sami Lutui 11.95 (-1.8) (5th); 400m: Sami Lutui 53.23 (5th); LJ: Sami Lutui 6.11m (+0.0) (5th);
400mH: Melvin Subramaniam 61.64 (6th);
LJ: Joshua Young 6.59m (0.8) (1st);
100m: Jordan Gilbert 11.78 (-1.6) (1st); 200m: Jordan Gilbert 23.06 (-0.6) (5th); 400m: Jordan Gilbert 52.17 (5th);
800m: Joshua Carlin 2:10.71 (4th); 1500m: Joshua Carlin 4:33.28 (5th); 3000m: Joshua Carlin 9:39.45 (3rd);
Hammer: Lachlan McGowan 44.98m (2nd);

2022 Vic Relay Championships                       Lakeside         26/1/2022
Sprint Medley: (Elise Carbery, Kyla Chapman, Stephanie Meerwald, Nicole Pennings) 4:33.40 (6th);
4x100m: (Alyssa Chapman, Maddie Tarabay, Shri Nidhi Bolisetty, Milan Keogh) 52.66 (4th);
Sprint Medley: (Milan Keogh, Gemma Leung, Alyssa Chapman, Maddie Tarabay) 4:22.96 (4th);
4x100m: (Zachary Wilmot, Corey Robinson, Melvin Subramaniam, Nic Shen) 43.47 (4th); (Zachary Wilmot, Corey Robinson, Melvin Subramaniam, Nic Shen) 43.43 (P); (Sam Tassone, Flynn Cocking, Jarrod Long, Sami Lutui) 44.54 (P);
Sprint Medley: (Nic Shen, Melvin Subramaniam, Corey Robinson, Alan Vernal) 3:43.48 (5th);
4x100m: (Cooper Bertram, Josiah Stanford, Jake Frost, Johannes Thokchom) 47.63 (2nd);
Sprint Medley: (Cooper Bertram, Zac Mellech, Jake Olarenshaw, Oscar Wright) 4:02.87 (5th);

2022 Superrnova     AIS Canberra   22 Jan
10,000m Walk:
    Kyle Swan 39:22.0 PB 0:28s     2nd
*** Commonwealth Games Qualifier  ***     Birmingham  28 July - 8 August

2022 Superrnova     AIS Canberra   15 Jan
10,000m Walk:
    Kyle Swan 39:50.1 PB 0:16s     2nd

2022 Vic Combined Events Championships
       Lakeside    8-9/1/2022
Heptathlon: Elise Carbery 2031pts: Shot Put: 9.12m (472pts); 200m: 29.57 (0.8) (513pts); 100m Hurdles: 17.77 (0.7) (512pts); High Jump: 1.42m (534pts);
Heptathlon:Milan Keogh 3038pts: Long Jump: 4.54m (1.8) (438pts); High Jump: 1.23m (340pts); 90m Hurdles: 17.17 (-0.4) (577pts); 200m: 28.22 (-0.7) (614pts); 800m: 2:59.81 (367pts); Javelin: 19.18m (274pts); Shot Put: 8.44m (428pts);
Pentathlon:Maddie Tarabay 3089pts: High Jump: 1.46m (577pts); 200m: 27.35 (1.0) (683pts); 800m: 2:33.05 (655pts); 80m Hurdles: 14.07 (0.5) (545pts); Shot Put: 11.52m (629pts);
Heptathlon:Johannes Thokchom 3169pts: Long Jump: 4.90m (+0.0) (363pts); Shot Put: 10.86m (537pts); 100m Hurdles: 16.47 (1.2) (681pts); 1500m: 5:55.08 (285pts); 200m: 24.94 (-0.4) (611pts); Javelin: 33.89m (354pts); High Jump: 1.43m (338pts);
Cooper Bertram 2808pts: Long Jump: 4.52m (0.2) (294pts); Javelin: 17.44m (127pts); High Jump: 1.58m (449pts); 1500m: 6:07.04 (236pts); Shot Put: 10.92m (541pts); 200m: 26.13 (-0.4) (514pts); 100m Hurdles: 16.78 (1.2) (647pts);
Pentathlon:Oscar Wright 2271pts: 90m Hurdles: 17.70 (0.9) (553pts); 800m: 2:23.91 (559pts); 200m: 27.96 (2.3) (379pts); Shot Put: 8.16m (376pts); High Jump: 1.52m (404pts);

2021 Vic 5000m Championships
       Lakeside    7/12/2021
5000m: Alan Vernal 16:16.56

2022 AVT4                                                           Sandringham  23/1/2022
Discus: Elise Keeghan 38.70m;
Shot Put: Elise Keeghan 12.01m;

2022  VMC3                                                         Box Hill            20/1/2022
800m: Nicole Pennings DNS;
800m: Jake Olarenshaw 2:06.93;
1500m: Alan Vernal 4:30.01

2021 VMC2                                                         Box Hill            16/12/2021
800m: Maddie Tarabay 2:23.95; Chloe Johnstone 2:24.00; Sophie Johnstone 2:27.47; Alyssa Chapman 2:36.56; Kyla Chapman 2:45.57
800m: Joel Donnar 1:53.40; Zac Mellech 2:18.33;
1500m: Alan Vernal 4:17.31; Joshua Carlin 4:29.18;

2021 HVC1                                                        Box Hill             14 Dec
400m: Nicole Pennings 58.20;

100m: Nic Shen 11.15 (0.2); Corey Robinson 11.41 (1.6); Brian Santoso 12.06 (0.8); Sam Tassone 12.39 (0.3);
200m: Nic Shen 22.47 (+0.0); Sam Tassone 25.11 (1.7);
400m: Corey Robinson 50.05;

2021 AV 5000m Championships                   Lakeside           7 Dec
5000m: Alan Vernal 16:16.56

2021 Vic Milers #1                                           Box Hill             25 Nov
800m: Maddie Tarabay 2:25.07; Chloe Johnstone 2:27.44; Kyla Chapman 2:31.03; Sophie Johnstone 2:34.07

800m: Oscar Wright 2:12.48; Zac Mellech 2:25.24; Joel Donnar DNS;
3000m: Alan Vernal 9:19.96; Joshua Carlin 9:41.43;

2021 Olympics - Kyle Swan    20km Walk
Congratulations to Kyle on being selected for Tokyo! Nunawading’s second Olympian for Tokyo.
Kyle Swan 36th in the 20K Race Walk in 1h27m55s. Well done Kyle!

2021 Olympics - Brooke Stratton    Long Jump
Brooke Stratton 7th in the Women’s LJ Final with 6.83m in a very close competition, just 17cm off winning! Congratulations Brooke, Russell and Team!

Brooke posted on FB a fortnightly update on her preparations for Tokyo.
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