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We are a successful and growing club belonging to White Zone (formerly Eastern Region) with competitors from Under 14 through to the Men's and Women's open teams. Junior age groups are U14, U16, U18, U20. We expect to have teams in the junior age groups with our final allocation dependent on the number of athletes competing, plus Men's and Women's Open Division 1. We also compete in Cross Country (XCR) so why not join one of our teams?

If you want to compete in athletics this season, then our club might be the right one for you. We have some champions and quite a few more who are not. There are some vacancies in all our teams (especially Mens, Womens and Juniors) so no matter what standard you are or if you are looking for a relaxed and enjoyable club atmosphere, check us out. We encourage juniors and for those who are also Little Athletes, we have significantly reduced membership fees.

To compete for our club, you need only do one event in each AV Shield round that you come along for, or you may want to do as many as you want. Its up to you as to what you want to do. You don't have to come along every week either - but we’d like you to!

If you enjoy marathons or longer distances, you could try the 3000m or 5000m events. The heats are timed so you compete against athletes of similar ability to yourself. Of course, you can run some longer distances in XCR.

Over 30?

No worries! So are quite a few of our stalwart athletes. So rather than doing (or just doing) Masters, or Recreational Running, why not give us a go as well? As our athletes age gracefully, we also expect to have a 40+ Team in AV Shield.

Cross Country is available during the Winter season. Athletics Victoria regularly updates their website for more information about the AV Shield Season. See our Cross Country link for more information on our teams and events.

If you would like more information about our relaxed and friendly club, please contact us via our email address.

Parents of Little Athletes

For parents of Little Athletes, you do not have to attend. There are no Duties that you must do. Quite a few of the parents stay and encourage; others share the transport duty. Of course, if you want the challenge… you can also join and compete! If your child is a Little Athlete or has just left, our club fees are quite reasonable. The Nunawading Region (33) uniform can be used as our club uniform so there is no additional cost for an Athletics Nunawading senior club uniform. You may already have met parents of other athletes so its a good start to get to know our club and you might catch up with them at Little Aths to find out more about our club.

Little Athletes

Most of our juniors are from the Little Athletics Nunawading or have recently graduated from it so you will know them as current or former U13-U15 athletes. We also welcome athletes from other Little Aths Centres. We encourage juniors to continue the athletics career by transitioning to the senior club whilst they are still at Little Athletics.

If you are 12yrs or older then it's a good time to begin your senior career. Little Athletes do enjoy the senior competition after doing Little Aths in the morning. Its not too much of a surprise to see a big improvement in your preferred events when you get different competition. Events are graded so athletes compete against other athletes of similar ability. A large proportion of our club and other East Region club athletes are juniors.

You do not have to compete in every event. Pick the ones you would like to do on the day and have fun, or just pick your favourite event.

The Seniors program is based around competing against other athletes of similar ability. For example in Sprints and Throws, you compete in the event with other people who have similar times or distances. In addition you also compete as part of the ANW team for your age group and you also have the opportunity to join in your team's relay events.

Have a go! I want to join up!

Its time to come back!

If you have been associated with our club as an athlete or parent or official, or been part of the Nunawading Little Athletics scene then you are still a ‘Nunarunna’! (including jumpers, throwers, walkers and vaulters of course).

We’d like to see you all return to ANW  

Join a successful Club!

The Shield season is the main competition for the summer.

Membership of our club means you are also eligible to compete in State, National and International competitions, though you might still have to meet performance requirements and pay entry fees to them.

- Note: the club’s current policy (including the 2015/16 season) is to reimburse up to 2 of your entry fees for State Championships, provided you compete in the AV Shield interclub competition, so come on and have a go on a bigger stage!

Our excellent team spirit has helped us do well in the interclub competition AV Shield, where Open Divisions are based on the size of the club from the 2011/12 season - not the quality of athletes

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