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AV Shield info: Season 2018/19

AV Shield info: Season 2017/18

For all information about the AV Shield Season

Round by Round - what’s on where and when

AV Calendar including all competitions on offer

Note that some events are held on days other than the scheduled Saturdays, so check the AV Calendar if you want to help score points for  your Nuna team!

Program 1 is the Shield Final Program. To compete in the Shield Final, you must have competed in a Program 1 event and attend the required number of competition rounds (usually 4). Shield final is on 10 Feb 2018 at Lakeside.

You can only compete in the events of the Shield Final if you have competed in those events in a round where Program 1 was run and have a performance scored.

Any questions: please contact a Committee member.

If you don’t think result or details are correct then you can query them here

White Zone Team lists  

Summary of Scoring Rule Changes for 2017/18

- Note this is a copy of the AV Summary (here) as of 1 October 2017 and may be subject to change

1. Scoring Anywhere (almost)

An athlete can score individual points at almost any sanctioned Shield meet across the state – that’s the two Metro venues, and the three country venues. This applies to Metro and Country athletes.

But the exceptions are:

• Metro Pole Vaulters are limited where then can compete – only where the zone of their club is assigned for pole vault each round.

• Clubs of Blue, Red, White and Yellow can only score relay points when there is a relay programmed at a Metro venue.

So a team can accumulate points across multiple venues, but the number of scoring athletes per event is as per the rules (12.7.1).

2. Number of Division 1 Women scoring in Track

This has been increased to 5 (from 4), while it’s still 2 in the field.

3. Midweek competitions

Walks and Pole Vault will sometimes be held mid-week. These will score points for the round the competitions are associated with. The usual restrictions apply on Pole Vault for scoring.

4. 40+ athletes compting in Open Age competition

Athletes who are 40+, 50+ and 60+ will now use the designated over-age specifications in all events in all age groups, and will have performance adjustments applied. If an athlete insists on using the Open specifications, let AV know.

5. Scoring Tables

These have been reviewed and a few tweaks applied. Where scoring was lower than expected, the standards have been eased. Where scoring was higher than expected, the standards have been tightened. Otherwise,

everything is the same. An updated scoreBuddy will reflect this on the AV web-site.

6. Zone v Zone

It will be a virtual competition every round. It will be a contest between the 4 metro zones, and a combined team of Country zones. Ladder points awarded each round will be 6, 4, 3, 2, 1. The team on top of the ladder at the end of the season wins the Alan Glover Shield. Due to Country zones only having an Open Division 2, the scoring for Open will be one age group with the same number of scoring athletes as the other age groups (Rule 12.8).

7. Relay eligibility for the Final

In addition to being eligible for a particular grade with an individual event of that grade, any athlete who has competed at least once in that grade’s relay, is eligibile as well. And a reminder of what stays the same (in case you forgot)

8. Women in Men’s teams

The maximum number of women in any men’s team is three (3) per grade

9. Competing in an event only once

An athlete can only compete in a given event, or similar events, once per round. (rule 9.1.6)

10. Athletes competing up an age group.

If athlete competes up an age group, by default they continue to use their “birthdate” age group specifications. E.g. and U14 athlete competing in U16 will still use all the specifications (weight / height / distance) of the U14s. If you want to use the the higher spcecifications, let AV know.




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