Round 3 

2022/23 Ladder       Latest updates at AV here: 



100m: Natalie Laurie 14.68 (1.2);

200m: Tess Griffiths 30.58 (-1.4);

400m: Natalie Laurie 65.10;

3000m: Chantal Klep 14:07.81;

400m Hurdles: Stephanie Meerwald 66.88;

2000m Walk: Natalie Laurie 11:04.6h;

Hammer: Chantal Klep 19.90m;

High Jump: Natalie Laurie 1.54m;

Javelin: Natalie Laurie 35.86m;

Long Jump: Natalie Laurie 4.24m;

Shot Put: Chantal Klep 7.58m; Tess Griffiths 7.08m;

Triple Jump: Tess Griffiths 8.94m;


200m: Jasmine Woods 28.90 (-0.3);

Shot Put: Jasmine Woods 6.18m;

Triple Jump: Jasmine Woods 9.99m (-0.0);


200m: Aranya Manchanayake 27.69 (-1.2); Cheyenne Van Ravenstein 28.54 (-1.4); Kyla Chapman 28.68 (-1.2);

3000m: Emma Tan 12:55.62;

Discus: Elise Keeghan 39.00m;

Javelin: Elise Keeghan 35.01m;

Shot Put: Kyla Chapman 7.14m; Cheyenne Van Ravenstein 6.98m;

Triple Jump: Cheyenne Van Ravenstein 8.90m (+0.0);


100m: Milan Keogh 13.10 (0.3);

200m: Gemma Leung 27.29 (+0.0); Alyssa Chapman 27.49 (0.1); Lara Gniatkiewicz 29.48 (+0.0);

800m: Lara Gniatkiewicz 2:53.17; Jaslene Ong 2:57.94;

90m Hurdles: Milan Keogh 14.31 (+0.0);

200m Hurdles: Gemma Leung 31.12 (-0.2); Jaslene Ong 34.99 (-1.0);

Hammer: Jaslene Ong 19.36m; Lily Matthews 21.86m;

High Jump: Milan Keogh 1.29m; Jaslene Ong 1.39m;

Javelin: Lily Matthews 21.08m;

Long Jump: Milan Keogh 4.50m;

Shot Put: Jaslene Ong 9.24m; Lily Matthews 9.18m; Amelia Bianco 6.90m;


400m: Maddie Tarabay 62.83;

Discus: Maddie Tarabay 31.67m;

High Jump: Maddie Tarabay 1.34m;

Javelin: Maddie Tarabay 37.73m;

Long Jump: Maddie Tarabay 4.48m;


200m: Corey Robinson 22.94 (+0.0); Zachary Wilmot 23.62 (-0.7); Sam Tassone 25.14 (+0.0); Liam Kernick 26.69 (-1.4);

800m: Alan Vernal 2:07.58;

5000m: Alan Vernal 16:56.20;

110m Hurdles: Ben Van Der Westhuizen 22.73 (0.2);

400m Hurdles: Corey Robinson 56.08;

5000m Walk: Kyle Swan 20:28.3h;

4x400m: (Sam Tassone, Corey Robinson, Liam Kernick, Jordan Gilbert) 3:59.36;

High Jump: Ben Van Der Westhuizen 1.69m;

Long Jump: Ben Van Der Westhuizen 5.18m;

Shot Put: Alan Vernal 3.66m;

Triple Jump: Corey Robinson 12.36m; Sam Tassone 9.91m;


100m: Flynn Cocking 11.31 (1.0);

200m: Jordan Gilbert 22.83 (+0.0); Liam Macdonald DNS;

400m: Flynn Cocking 54.80;

800m: Jordan Gilbert 2:11.88;

Shot Put: Jordan Gilbert 11.66m;


100m: Jake Frost 12.74 (+0.0);

200m: William Zheng 28.16 (0.1);

400m: Jake Olarenshaw 52.09;

800m: William Zheng 2:23.43;

3000m: Nick Fang 9:54.95;

100m Hurdles: Jake Frost 14.80 (0.8);

200m Hurdles: William Zheng 37.82 (-1.7);

Hammer: Lachlan McGowan 51.72m;

High Jump: Jake Frost 1.54m;

Long Jump: Josiah Stanford 5.52m (+0.0);


200m: Max Wright 26.29 (-0.6); Syrus Ong 28.13 (0.1);

800m: Syrus Ong 2:55.01;

3000m: Zac Mellech 9:47.82; Shevin Hettiarachchi 9:55.16;

200m Hurdles: Max Wright 31.48 (-1.3);

High Jump: Syrus Ong 1.39m;


200m: Darryl Griffiths 26.68 (-0.6);

Shot Put: Darryl Griffiths 8.27m;

Triple Jump: Darryl Griffiths 8.88m;


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