Round 1          Saturday 7 October 2017       at Nunawading

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Zone best performances highlighted in Blue

Womens Open Division 1 - highest scorer Natalie Laurie

 100m: Brooke Stratton 11.92; Jessica Dux 13.63; Natalie Laurie 14.23; Ashleigh Morley 15.28;

  400m: Nicole Pennings 62.76; Natalie Laurie 65.39; Ashleigh Shield 69.09; Jessica Dux 69.38; Amy Richardson 71.93;

  1500m: Bridget Brammer 5:26.2h; Nicole Pennings 5:37.9h; Amy Richardson 5:43.6h; Wendy Muldoon 6:42.5h;

  3000m: Brigitte Seeley 10:35.7h;

  100m Hurdles: Jessica Dux 19.03; Ashleigh Morley 19.73;

  3000m Walk: Wendy Muldoon 16:43.4h;

  Long Jump: Jessica Dux 4.35m;

  Pole Vault: Natalie Laurie 2.15m;

  Javelin: Natalie Laurie 40.86m; Ashleigh Morley 29.38m; Erin Holdway 19.60m; Jessica Dux 16.84m;

  Discus: Natalie Laurie 28.72m; Nicole Pennings 28.25m; Erin Holdway 21.67m;

Womens Under 18 - highest scorer Eleanor Leeson

 100m: Monique Larose 12.78;

  Triple Jump: Eleanor Leeson 10.59m;

  High Jump: Eleanor Leeson 1.60m;

Womens Under 16  - highest scorer  Stephanie Meerwald

 100m: Felicia Arefta 13.35; Natasha Shaw 13.85; Sarah Morley 14.56;

  200m: Stephanie Meerwald 27.50;

  400m: Stephanie Meerwald 62.33;

  90m Hurdles: Sarah Morley 17.73;

  200m Hurdles: Stephanie Meerwald 32.55;

  3000m Walk: Holly Cocking 17:28.0h;

  Long Jump: Tess Griffiths 4.27m; Phoebe Cotton 3.52m;

  Javelin: Sarah Morley 27.68m;

Womens Under 14  - highest scorer   Elena Tyers

 80m Hurdles: Elena Tyers 15.13;

Zone best performances highlighted in Blue

Mens Open Division 1 - highest scorer  David Brock

 100m: Nathan Deslandes 10.89; Jarrod Michael Robinson 11.18; Nicholas Arefta 11.31; Henry Au-Yeung 11.33; Zachary Wilmot 11.65; Corey Robinson 11.69; David Brock 11.84; Darci Hughes 12.05; Evan Pearce 12.07; Ben Van Der Westhuizen 12.36;

(Note: our top 4 runners were fastest in the Zone!)

 200m: Bradley Bishop 24.60;

  400m: Jarrod Michael Robinson 48.53; Nicholas Arefta 50.05; Corey Robinson 51.87; Zachary Wilmot 52.45; Darci Hughes 52.57; Simon Johnstone-Robertson 52.73; David Brock 53.04; Ben Van Der Westhuizen 57.21;

  1500m: Joel Donnar 4:07.2h; Bradley Simpson 4:30.3h;

  3000m: Adrian McLean 8:47.2h; Mark Deslandes 10:10.0h;

  3000m Walk: Bradley Simpson DQ;

  Long Jump: Corey Robinson 6.06m;

  High Jump: Bradley Bishop 1.95m; Darren Tang 1.95m; David Brock 1.94m; Ben Van Der Westhuizen 1.70m;

  Javelin: Nathan Deslandes 47.58m;

  Shot Put: David Brock 13.09m; Ben Van Der Westhuizen 10.15m; Bradley Bishop 9.98m;

  Discus: Nathan Deslandes 32.42m;

Mens Under 18 - highest scorer  Ryan Hatch

 100m: Ryan Hatch 11.47; Colin Wu 11.58;

  Long Jump: Ryan Hatch 6.76m;

  Javelin: Ryan Hatch 29.78m;

Mens Under 16 - highest scorer  Sami Lutui

 100m: Jakeb Pearson 12.05; Sami Lutui 12.26; Harrison Broadbent 12.43; Angus Reddy 12.45; James Reddy 12.47; Sam Tassone 12.81; Mitchell Williams 13.67;

(Note: our top 4 runners were fastest in the Zone!)

 400m: Jakeb Pearson 53.01; Sami Lutui 54.83; Connor Downie 57.45; Harrison Broadbent 57.55; Angus Reddy 58.02; James Reddy 58.71;

  1500m: Connor Downie 4:44.9h;

  100m Hurdles: Harrison Broadbent 15.49; Sami Lutui 15.81; Jakeb Pearson 17.49;

  Long Jump: Sami Lutui 5.43m; Jakeb Pearson 4.93m;

Mens Under 14  - highest scorer Noah Wright

 200m: Noah Wright 27.96;

  800m: Noah Wright 2:18.7h;


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